That picture is 6 years old

That picture is 6 years old.

Back then I had highlights in my hair, but to this day I sit on the same stool, at the same sewing machine, in that same studio on Hamra street.

I am a maker.

I like to drape on a dummy or make a small sketch, draft a pattern, cut a “toile”, check the fit, pick the fabric, decide on the finishing, sew the prototype, grade the pattern in different sizes and sew the production, and deliver it to my stand. Also I take product shots, update my website, travel to participate to pop-ups, and be present for my clients, among many other tasks.

It is my name that is printed on the label, because I made your clothes.

Is it crazy to operate this way? Of course.

But I master my product, and only because I care soooo much about it.

After a few years of experience at different fashion houses, I knew that I needed to create my own definition of success.

And for me success is about balance and growth and meaningfulness, but never at the expense of others, and never for the sole sake of financial backers.

Just conscious sustainability.

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