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The challenge of sourcing fabric

The challenge of sourcing fabric when being based in Lebanon

When it comes to sourcing fabric, I mainly rely on what’s available locally. My activities aren’t yet big enough to require large fabric quantity orders from overseas international mills. Organic fabrics, tech fabrics, recycled fibers, all these dreamy options have a noble cost and I hope to be able to make that organic transition in the future.

Sourcing fabric

But for now, and although it’s a drop in an ocean of fashion waste, I do get some satisfaction from buying stock fabric rolls that ended up in Beirut instead of a landfill. And I have to say that I do get very excited when I find some gems from now-closed Italian factories. In a tiny marketplace such as Lebanon, we all have a role to play, no matter how big or small, to maintain a “healthy” ecosystem. When corrupted public powers are purposely failing local players by lack of investment or support, it becomes even more important to buy local and fair trade.
Read more about the UN Sustainable Development goals here

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