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fashion brands and businesses closures : doing it incognito or out-in-the-open?

fashion brands and businesses closures : doing it incognito or out-in-the-open

Although nobody reads blogs anymore, I do maintain this blog section of my site, in a way to keep my brand’s journal. 

And I’ve come to realize that many things have closed down  since I’ve started, whether it’s publications, blogs, brands, stores or organizations. 

And it’s quite disturbing and sad.

And what is even more disturbing is the lack of communication surrounding those closings.

You may open instagram now, search for  an account, only to find that the latest post dates back to 2017. Then nothing. Even worse with twitter. Sometimes that latest post is even more recent than the latest activity on the website.  

And this raises the question of continuity and vision.

How can we continue to do things we want to , when everything is transitioning into something else. 

Paris fashion week is over,  with a flock of showrooms that  have promoted the work of designers for SS20.

But as a designer, how efficient it is to copy an old business model, to market the products the same way it’s been done in the past, through tradeshows or showrooms? 

Of course designers can’t do everything themselves, but how sustainable, efficient and profitable that system is for designers who are yearning for visibility and wholesale? especially in times of economic instability, when you ought to look for new markets. 

Can independent/young designers actually afford that system? 

It feels that the power used to be in the hands of buyers and press, is it still the case now ? 

This picture was taken by Johanne Issa in July 2012 at my grandparents house, and probably my most published lookbook picture !

fashion brands and businesses

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