Lana talks to: Nadine Mneimneh // larmoiredelana.com | nadine mneimneh

Lana talks to: Nadine Mneimneh // larmoiredelana.com

Nadine Mneimneh describes herself as a contemporary Lebanese Fashion designer. I recently came accross her work and had the great pleasure to meet and conduct an interview with her for you all to discover more about her very refined and distinguished work. You will love how different the feel of her designs is.

Lana: Nadine, tell us more about how your started your own line
Nadine: It came as a natural progression in my career. I have been in fashion since 2004, starting with night classes in pattern making while being an AUB business student. After as short course at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, I knew fashion was my true calling. I started with jobs mixing business with fashion, and the more I grew the more I shifted to the creative side. In 2010, I felt the need to fly on my own, so I applied to the starch foundation (http://starchfoundation.org) and started my ready-to-wear line.
Lana: How would you best describe your designs?
Nadine: I try to convey modernity, refinement, and effortless femininity. I design garments that are meant to bypass trends and empower women. I’ve been creating and sewing all the collections by myself using high quality materials. This ‘handmade’ qualification makes it even more enjoyable to the wearer, who, most of the time, is not comfortable with wearing something produced in mass quantity and in suspicious conditions. More and more young designers choose to engage in this “slow – fashion” path, which is creating while practicing consciousness.

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