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nadine mneimneh @ Milk Concept Store, Bahrain

You can now find the collection at the newly-opened concept store “Milk”  in Riyadat Mall, Bahrain.

The multibrand fashion and lifestyle concept store is at the initiative of Wafa Alobeidat, Bahraini entrepreneur, an supported by Kingdom of Bahrain’s women-only  incubator center “Riyadat Mall”.

Milk Concept Store features the work of 50 designers from the Middle East. opens with products from 50 designers across nine countries including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Egypt, KSA and Bahrain.

Picture via Khaleejesque

Opening Hours
Riyadat Mall, GF,’Ali Mintaqah Ash Shamaliyah, Bahrain
10am – 3pm, 8pm-11pm

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