As an advocate of slow fashion, Nadine Mneimneh designs ready-to-wear capsule collections with a socially responsible ethos. She takes inspiration from simple shapes and traditional garments from the Middle East and Asia, and creates timeless and modern styles that bring out women’s individual charms. Her methods blend artisanship with modern techniques such as laser-cutting, with a keen attention to detail and a knack for minimalism. Each piece is made by hand in her Beirut atelier, adding emotional significance and a sense of uniqueness to her work.


Design Goal

To convey an idea of timeless yet modern femininity through subtle lines and volumes, bringing out women’ s individual charm


Respect for the environmental context an the human factor, trustworthiness and strong professional ethics with partners


Customer-oriented with a commitment to provide impeccable service,  heartful and honest communication throughout processes


All the design, development and production is done by Nadine at the boutique-atelier.

Upcycling: Fabrics and materials are mainly sourced locally through local vendors that import deadstock fabrics from Europe and Asian factories.

Low Impact
The shipping boxes are 100% made from pre-and post-consumer recycled content.
The tags and stickers are FSC certified.